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Status SEM1620 Signal Conditioner

Status SEM1620 Signal Conditioner
  • Pt100, Thermocouple, mV, mA Input
  • (0 to 10), (0 to 5), (2 to 10), (1 to 5) and (0 to 1) VDC Output choices
  • Push Button User Trim For In Process Fine Tuning
  • Galvanic Isolation

The SEM1620 is a signal conditioner providing 3 wire voltage output from Pt100, Thermocouple and Passive mA input signals. It's the new generation DIN rail mounted temperature amplifier from Status Instruments.

Powered with a 15 – 28 DC supply it offers a 2 wire voltage output with a choice of (0 to 10), (0 to 5), (2 to 10), (1 to 5) and (0 to 1) VDC.

Connecting your SEM 1620 to the Status software via the USB configuration has been designed for ease of use. It allows for setup of the outputs as well as output zero/span alignment to the input. Your PC will automatically upload the existing configuration data and guide you through any changes you wish to make.

Other features

  • Isolated input
  • Three wire isolated voltage output
Status SEM1620 Signal Conditioner

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