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PCT PT100 RTD with Terminal Head and Instrument Connection

PCT PT100 RTD with Terminal Head and Male Instrument Connection PCT PT100 RTD with Terminal Head and laggin extension PCT PT100 RTD with Terminal Head and DIN plate insert with tempersature transmitter

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  • Platinum Resistance Thermometer (Pt100)
  • Probe with process connection and terminal head
  • Standard all 316 stainless steel with other materials available

Platinum resistance thermometers are available with many types of process connection for mounting either into a thermowell or directly into your process. Typical process connections include BSP or NPT threaded as well as ANSI or DN flanged connection and options for hygienic processes.

Reduced tips can be supplied for applications which require a faster response time.

esistance Temperature Detector, or RTD’s are manufactured to order with all being built to your specifications and can be supplied with a lagging or cooling extension where required.

Various terminal head materials are available ranging from ABS plastic to all 316 stainless steel dependant on your environmental requirements. RTD’s are typically supplied with either a 4 – 20 mA transmitter, ceramic terminal block or tails for third party temperature transmitters to be installed.

Probe diameters are available from 3mm and upwards and lengths to suit your application with typical operating ranges of -50°C to +250°C.

Other features

  • Available in either 2, 3 or 4 wire variants. Simplex or Duplex
  • Many sensor types including Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000
  • Accuracy to Class B, Class A, 1/3 DIN, 1/5 DIN or 1/10 DIN
  • Can be connected to Supercal 531 Energy Integrator ensuring high accuracy.