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Status TTR200 In Head Temperature Transmitter

  • Pt100, RTD, Slidewire and Resistance Inputs
  • Sensor Offset and Output Alignment
  • 22 Segment User Linearisation

The Status TTR200 is a universal input in-head temperature transmitter suitable for Pt100, RTD, Slidewire and Resistance Inputs. Accepted inputs are 2, and 3 wire Pt100 and RTD, potentiometer (1 to 100) kΩ and resistance (10 to 10,500) Ω. The output is 4 – 20 mA.

The temperature range is set via free software and is fully user configurable, it allows the range, units and burnout direction to be programmed to the transmitter.

Power supply is 10 to 40 VDC, the TTR 200 is a 2 wire loop powered device.

Other features include sensor offset and output alignment, 22 segment user linearisation for input and adjustable input filters.

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