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Jordan Valve Mark 63 and Mark 64 Series Differential Pressure Regulator

  • Unique sliding gate design allows for straight through flow for reduced seat wear
  • Maximum Cv flow rate of 30 (Kv 25.8)
  • Set points between 1 and 220 psi (0.07 bar to 15.2 bar)

The Mark 63 and 64 series from Jordan valve are pressure reducing regulators that keep a constant differential between the set pressure loaded diaphragm and the pressure that is on the discharge side of the regulator. The larger diaphragm in the Mark 64 enables it to have the same flow capacity but less offset in controlled pressure.


It is ideal for use in fuel oil atomization applications and should it be needed for the application a negative differential version is available.

Body and materials

A range of materials can be used in construction to allow use within many sectors including a body made from ductile iron, bronze, carbon steel and stainless steel. The seat itself is SST coated in Jorcote while the diaphragm is manufactured from stainless steel, Buna-N, Viton and Jorlon.

Pressure range

A wider setpoint range is available on the Mark 63 as it is between 1 and 220 psi (0.07 to 15.2 bar) while the Mark 64 range is between 1 and 180 psi (0.07 to 12.4 bar).


The Mark 63 can be sized between ¼" and 2" and the Mark 64 between ¼" -¾".


Four end connections are available, threaded, flanged, socket welds or butt welds. A wide range of optional extras can also be fitted to the regulator including a double diaphragm, flow through dome or a handwheel.


The Jordan Valve Mark 63 and Mark 64 Series Differential Pressure Regulator is widely used in the following industries:

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