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Jordan Valve Mark 75 Series Wafer Style Control Valve

  • Wafer style offers reduced packaging size and weight
  • Large capacity with Cv's up to 600
  • Some models available with modular, stackable actuators

Mark 75 series from Jordan Valve is a wafer style control valve which features all the benefits of their time-tested sliding gate design designed with small packaging in mind.

Operating process

Mark 75 series wafer design means it is drastically smaller in both size and weight compared with conventional control valves. The smaller, lighter packing offers a pricing advantage as there are less raw materials, due to its lighter mass it is easier to install compared with conventional globe valves.

Jordan Valves time tested sliding gate seats also offer a much smaller stroke when compared with globe style valves, a shorter stroke results in smaller valve actuators being required and increasing the accuracy of the Mark 75 whilst reducing air consumption.

Mark 75 series provides great capacity in a compact wafer style body. A 2” Mark 75 provides 75 Cv, 6” provides 400 Cv and an 8” providing 600 Cv.

Mark 75 features a 'T' slot design connection to the disc. This connection allows for quick and easy reversing of functions. Instead of having to go into the actuator to change action, all that is needed in a Mark 75 is to turn the seats 180°. With this simple rotation, the valve can go from reverse acting to direct acting (or vice versa).

The stroke length of the Mark 75 is a slightly longer stroke than standard sliding gate valves. This longer stroke enables better turndown. Combined with the capacity of the Mark 75, the increased turndown makes for a great control valve.

Available options

Mark 75 is also available in 75A and 75E variants, which are wafer style control valves with modular, stackable actuators. The actuator provides additional thrust which allows the Mark 75A or 75E to easily handle maximum allowable pressure drops.

Mark 75 Series - with cast body

Mark 75 Series - with cast body

Other features

  • Turndown Ratio: 100:1
  • Shutoff: ANSI Class IV tightness
  • Available in DN25 - DN200 (1" - 8")
  • Pressure ranges: 3-15, 3-9*, 9-15*, 6-30 psi (0,2-1,0; 0,2-0,6*; 0,6-1,0*, 0,4-2,1 bar) * positioner required


The Jordan Valve Mark 75 Series Wafer Style Control Valve is widely used in the following industries:

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