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Jordan Valve Mark 78 Series Globe Style Control Valve

  • In-line maintenance from top entry cage design
  • Pressure control between 3 and 15 psi (0.2 - 1.0bar)
  • Linear rangeability of 30:1, Equal percentage/equal linear 60:1

Designed with the purpose of being easily maintained whilst providing accurate performance, the Mark 78 pneumatic control valve features a cage retained seat design that has a top entry to allow for maintenance without having to be removed from the line. Seats are not screwed in and so can be simply lifted out of the valve body.

Pressure range

A controlling range of between 3-15psi (0.2-1.0bar). There is an option for split ranges, however this requires a positioner. Optional soft seats that are ANSI Class VI Teflon can be used otherwise the seat is standard ANSI Class IV.


A variety of materials allow for the valve to be very versatile and used in a range of applications from utility steam to corrosive liquids. The body can be manufactured from Bronze, Carbon Steel or Stainless steel with a range of flanged connections or threaded.

Cv and temperature ranges

The valve has a capacity of 50 Cv or 43Kv and has a maximum temperature range of between –40°C and 232°C.


Characterised flow options are linear, equal percentage, quick-opening or an equal-linear combination with rangeability being 60:1 for equal percentage and equal-linear or 30:1 for linear. Sizes start from ½" and go up to 2" (DN15 to DN50).

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