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Mark 60 Series Self Operated Pressure Regulator

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  • Express delivery available, less than one week! (1.5" and 2" models)
  • Sliding Gate Trim – unique seat design for unsurpassed trim life and accuracy
  • Jorcote Seat Coating - uniquie ceramic composite with very low friction.
  • Trusted Jorlon diaphragrm - durable and versatile diaphragm material.

The Mark 60 series from Jordan valve is a complete range of self-operated sliding gate pressure regulators. They are used to regulate the downstream pressure to a predetermined setpoint.

Operating process

The internal spring within the mark 60 holds the sliding gate seats in their normally open (NO) position to allow the process media to pass through the seats.

Downstream pressure is sensed beneath the diaphragm, for larger valves which are 2 ½”, 3” or 4” then a sensing line is required.

As the downstream pressure exceeds the setpoint, pressure is exerted on the diaphragm which raises the stem to modulate the moving disc towards the closed position.

As the seats close, downstream pressure becomes reduced to the desired, pre-set setpoint. A decrease in pressure relaxes the spring and diaphragm to move the seats toward the open position.

Mark 60 series features a sliding gate trim which is a unique seat design for unsurpassed trim life and accuracy. The Jorcote seat coating is a ceramic composite for liquids, gases and especially steam. The coating offers very low friction whilst outstanding wear resistance and offering temperature ratings of up to 285 °c. In fact it is steam tested to 1,000,000 cycles and still maintains Class IV leakage.


Diaphragm material is with Richards Industrials own Jorlon diaphragm, which is durable offering temperature ratings up to 230 °c. Again it is tested for durability with no failures over 1,000,000 full stoke cycles.

Mark 60 series valve design allows for straight through flow, through the valve seats and body. The direction of the disc travel is perpendicular to the flow, not opposed to the direction of flow, resulting in flow not unbalancing the seats. This also allows for a wider range of its stroke to give accurate control and less offset. As the disc and plate within the valve are always in contact and due to the straight through flow design there is minimal valve chatter and turbulence. This results in a quieter valve which is typically 5 – 10 dB quieter than conventional globe valves.

Different formats available

Mark 60 series of pressure regulators are available in many different formats including:

  • MK60: Self-operating pressure regulators designed with Jordan Valve's sliding gate seats
  • MK61: Larger diaphragm than a standard MK60 to provide even greater sensitivity and minimum offset from a required setpoint.
  • MK60QC: "Quick Change" dome for simple range spring replacements. Ideal for facilities with multiple pressure reducing applications - stock one valve with several spare springs to cover a wide range of needs
  • MK60H: Features a handwheel that replaces the adjusting screw for easy setpoint changes
  • MK60HP: High pressure version for working pressures fully rated to ANSI Class 600 pressures, HP options permits setpoints as high as 450 psi
  • MK60GP: Grain processing modification for starch cookers and other viscous services
  • MK601/602: Higher capacity requirements than standard regulators

Mark 60 series of regulators offer minimal maintenance as the sliding gate seats require no special tools for disas­sembly. The seats are pre-lapped at the factory and are self-lapping while in operation ensuring a continual tight shutoff.

Mark 60 Series - Features and benefits

Mark 60 Series - Features and benefits

Other features

  • Available in sizes from DN8 to DN100 (1/4″ – 4″)
  • Cv's up to 200
  • Diaphragm materials include Jorlon, stainless steel or Hastelloy C, Alloy 20
  • Setpoint: MK6: 1 to 220 psi (0,07 – 15,2 bar) and MK60HP: 75 to 450 psi (5,2 to 31 bar)
  • Body materials are available in: Ductile Iron, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron
  • End connections include: Threaded, Flanged, Socket Weld, Butt Weld


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