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Mark 608DS Series Low Pressure Double Seated Gas Regulators

  • Inlet pressures up to 10 bar
  • External sensing line
  • Operating Temperatures -26°C to +177°C

The Mark 608DS series of low-pressure regulators from Jordan Valve is a double seated, self operated gas regulator ideal for use in tank blanketing applications.

Operating process

The double seated design of the Mark 608DS allows it to handle increased flow and higher pressure drops when compared to similarly sized single seat valve types. The design allows for ANSI Class VI shutoff to be maintained. The large diaphragms sensitivity allows for accurate regulation across the control range.

Body materials

Wetted metal materials on the 608DS series are all produced from 316L stainless steel providing excellent durability and continued service life.

Valve trim is available in either 316L or Hastelloy C.

Diaphragm materials include Buna-N, Viton and EPDM with valve seats to match.

Mark 608DS series dimensions

Mark 608DS series dimensions

Other features

  • ANSI Class VI shutoff
  • Sizes: DN40 – DN50
  • Diaphragm: Buna-N, Viton, EPDM
  • End Connection: ANSI Class 150/300 Integrally Flanged
  • Body Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel


The Mark 608DS Series Low Pressure Double Seated Gas Regulators is widely used in the following industries:

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