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Mark 66 and Mark 660 Series Air Loaded Pressure Regulator

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Express Delivery available, less than 1 week!

  • Express delivery available, less than one week! (2" and above)
  • All metal-to-metal contacts – No gaskets or o-rings to wear out (2”/DN50 and under)
  • Versatile Application – Use on steam, air, gas, liquids, or chemicals
  • Sliding Gate Seats – Straight-through flow for reduced turbulence and quiet operation, short stroke for fast response and accurate regulation.

Mark 66 and Mark 660 series from Jordan Valve are highly accurate, economical air loaded pressure regulators. Mark 66 / 660 series requires no control spring or pilot, instead a static air signal is applied to the top of the diaphragm to determine the setpoint. As there is no pilot valve on the Mark 66 / 660 series it is not susceptible to problems caused by dirty process fluids.

Operating process

The static air signal adjusts the set point of the valve by applying the pressure to the top of the diaphragm. The supplied air pressure opens the valve to allow the process media to pass through the seats. The downstream pressure is sensed beneath the diaphragm. As the downstream pressure exceeds the setpoint the pressure is exerted on the diaphragm which in turn raises the stem to modulate the seats toward the closed position.

Turndown on both valves is 40:1 allowing a good control range. The set point is adjusted by controlling the air pressure supplied to the top of the diaphragm. The air pressure can be controlled manually with a pressure regulator or electronically with a pressure control device capable of accepting a setpoint input signal and adjusting air pressure.

Body materials and connections

Mark 66 and 660 series are available in either DN40 or DN50 line sizes (1 ½” or 2”) with female NPT or BSPP/BSPT connections, FSW welded or ANSI / DIN flanges.

Various valve body materials are available including ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel or cast iron. Trim materials available include 303 or 316 stainless steel, Monel, alloy 20 or Hastelloy C. A wide selection of valve seat and diaphragm materials are also available.

Mark 66 and Mark 660 series Cut-a-Way diagram

Mark 66 and Mark 660 series Cut-a-Way diagram


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