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Mark 75HW Series Wafer Style Hand Operated Valve

  • Wafer body allows for easy installation between flanges
  • High flow rates
  • Self cleaning, self-lapping seats

Jordan Valve Mark 75HW series is a wafer style, manually hand operated sliding gate control valve. The wafer style design allows the valve to be installed between two flanged which reduces both cost and weight whilst providing all the benefits of the sliding gate seat.

Hand wheel operation

The hand wheel operation allows for the manual position of the valve to reach the optimum flow and it can then be locked in place.

75HW series is available in DN25, DN40 and DN50 (1”, 1 ½”, 2”).

The wafer design of the valve offers pricing advantages when compared to globe style control valves. A DN50 75HW valve has a face to face measurement of on 44.7mm, the same sized globe valve would have a 254 mm (10”) face to face measurement. The reduced materials save on both space and cost.

Mark 75HW series offers a high capacity with Cv values as high as 72.

Mark 75HW features a 'T' slot design connec­tion to the disc. This connection allows for quick and easy reversing of functions. Instead of having to go into the actuator to change action, all that is needed in a Mark 75HW is to turn the seats 180°. With this simple rotation, the valve can go from reverse acting to direct acting (or vice versa).

The stroke length of the Mark 75HW is a slightly longer stroke than standard sliding gate valves. This longer stroke enables better turndown of 100:1. Combined with the capacity of the Mark 75HW, the increased turndown makes for a great control valve.

Mark 75HW series features

Mark 75HW series features

Other features

  • Reduced noise compared to conventional globe/cage valves
  • More resistant to cavitation / flashing with straight through wafer design
  • Body Material: 316 Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
  • Seat Materials: Jorcote/316SS standard
  • 10 bar max inlet pressure

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