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Steriflow is one of eight leading brands from Richards Industrials. Steriflow believe in designing and manufacturing the world's most innovative, highest quality and most reliable sanitary valves for the bio and parenteral drug industry.

Industry first designs are common place across the product range with state of the art CNC machines, QA tools and a dedicated Steriflow team behind the product.

Within the range of valves are sanitary pressure reducing valves including back pressure regulators. Sanitary valves for safety relief, low pressure blanketing regulators, control valves and diaphragm valves also feature.

Pressure reducing valves and back pressure regulators for clean compressed air and other process gases feature in the product range.

The sanitary range of product is completed with clean steam traps and SIP accessories as well as sanitary check valves, sanitary ball valves and sight glasses and sight glass windows.

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