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Mark 908 Series Low Pressure Blanketing Pressure Reducing Valve

  • Barstock construction, mid to high flow, very low pressure
  • Accurate regulation down to 1/2″ wc (1,25 mbar)
  • All FDA and USP Class VI materials ANSI Class VI

Mark 908 series from Steriflow is an inline style sanitary low pressure blanketing (gas overlay) pressure reducing valve suitable for medium to large stainless and SUD vessels.


Designed specifically to provide accurate blanketing and purge pressure control on very low pressure stainless steel and single use systems.

Mark 908 is pilot operated and is able to responds to very small changes in tank vessel pressure by throttling open or closed to maintain the pressure set point.

Body and finish

Mark 908 features an all 316L bar stock construction, with a 20 Ra µin (0.5 Ra µm) internal surface finish.

Available options and sizes

Mark 908 is available in either DN20 or DN25 sizes (3/4” or 1”) with Tri-Clamp, tube weld end, FNPT or optional pipe flanges. Five Cv's are available, either: 1, 2, 4, 7.5*, 10* (* 7.5 Cv and 10 Cv available in 1" size only).

Pressure regulation is accurate down to 1.25 mbar with four available spring rates dependant on process requirements up to a maximum control pressure of 103 mbar.

Valve shutoff is ANSI Class VI.

Mark 908 Series - Features and benefits

Mark 908 Series - Features and benefits


  • Bioreactor or Fermentors
  • Intermediate Product Separation vessels
  • Intermediate Product Purification vessels
  • Formulation vessels
  • Product fill holding vessels


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