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Steriflow CSDT Series Compact Sanitary Disc Trap

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  • CSDT can be mounted in mostly any position
  • High maximum steam temperature range at 450°C.

The CSDT series is a lightweight thermodynamic disc trap designed for changeable pressures and steam loads. It can be used in non-validated clean environments and in clean room environments with plant steam.

Body materials

It is able to operate in any position but the ideal location is horizontally with the cap facing upwards. A 316L stainless steel exterior that has been polished to 20Ra uin (0.5Ra um). There are two available Tri-Clamp ends, either ½" or ¾".

Pressure and temperature ranges

Maximum pressure ratings of 15.6barg and high maximum allowable temperature at 450°C mean the CSDT can be used biopharmaceutical and beverage industries.

The back pressure at the outlet of the disc trap should not exceed 80% of the inlet pressure. For ideal operations, the minimum differential pressure is 3.6psig. With appropriate use the trap should be relatively maintenance free but there is a one-year replacement warranty.

Shutoff valves are recommended up and downstream as to isolate the trap for servicing and cleaning. When cleaning the disc and seat do not use abrasive products. Allow the trap to cool before attempting to remove it.

Other features

  • Maximum temperature for steam is 450°C.
  • Maximum pressure is 15.6barg with outlet back pressure being no more than 80% of the inlet pressure.
  • Pressure of at least 3.6psig is required for proper operations.
  • ½" and ¾" Tri-Clamps with the trap being 2.6x1.5x2.4in (65x38.1x59.9mm)
  • Body is AISI 316L stainless steel with a cast internal finish and a 20 Ra uin polished exterior finish.
  • The CSDT series comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Operable in any position but ideally horizontally with an upwards facing cap.


The Steriflow CSDT Series Compact Sanitary Disc Trap is widely used in the following industries:

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