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Steriflow JSRH JSRHF Series High Flow Bio-Pharma Clean Gas Pressure Reducing Valves

  • Jorlon diaphragm, provides exceptionally long life
  • CIP/SIP capability, with FDA and USP Class VI compliance
  • No exposed threaded connections below diaphragm

Steriflow JSRH series from Richards Industrials is a manual pressure reducing valve designed for medium to high flow rates.

Typical applications and uses

The JSRH inline pressure reducing valve has been specifically designed for use within Bio-Pharma gas applications, ideal for clean gases typically found in bio-pharma, pharmaceutical and food and drink applications. Gases include clean filtered air, custom blanketing or purge gases, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon and oxygen.

JSRH may also be used on non-cavitating liquids, however the valve is not drainable, the valve can still be used on clean steam processes though with Steriflow engineering application approval.

As JSRH series has been specifically designed for bio-pharmaceutical applications, there are no exposed threaded connections whilst also featuring an in-line removable trim set to allow quick trim change out and cleaning without disassembling the valve or removing it from the line.

Body and materials

JSRH is constructed from barstock stainless steel which allows the material integrity and surface finish to be maintained throughout the manufacturing process. The valve is machined from ASTMA479 316L SST barstock and the internal components are finished to ASME BPE SF5 20Ra μin (0.5 Ra μm), electropolished standard.

JSRH comes supplied with Richards proprietary Jorlon diaphragm material which provides a long life whilst also offering CIP / SIP capability and remaining FDA and USP Class VI compliant.

JSRH is available in DN15, DN20 or DN25 sizes (1/2”, ¾” or 1”) with either a Tri-clamp, Tube weld end and NPT standard or VCR® on Tri-clamp connections. A ¼” FNPT pressure gauge port is standard whilst others are available.

Pressure ranges

The spring ranges allow for a choice of four pressure ranges which are:

  • 5 - 150 psi (0,34 - 10,3 bar)
  • 5 - 100 psi (0,34 - 6,9 bar)
  • 5 - 50 psi (0,34 - 3,4 bar)
  • 5 - 20 psi (0,34 - 1,4 bar)

JSRH Series - Features and benefits

JSRH Series - Features and benefits


The Steriflow JSRH JSRHF Series High Flow Bio-Pharma Clean Gas Pressure Reducing Valves is widely used in the following industries:

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