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Steriflow Mark 93JR Series Sanitary Steam Traps

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  • Express delivery available, less than one week! (Some 3/4" and 1/2" models)
  • Low to medium flow steam trap providing a sub cool operation less than 2°C.
  • Will self-drain when connected vertically.
  • Follows ASME BPE guidelines with an internal 20Ra surface finish.

The Mark 93JR series has been designed for use within low to medium flow systems that operate with clean steam. The self-draining valve can be used when the trap is installed vertically. The available sizes for the trap are ¼", ½", ¾" and 1".

Low subcooling operations at below 2°C will prevent condensate from building up and then cooling down the temperature sensor.

Body material and gaskets

The body and internal parts of the trap are constructed using 316L stainless steel. The internals have been given a 20 Ra uin mechanical polish whilst the external housing is given a mechanical 40 Ra uin finish. An internal finish of SF5 20 Ra uin electropolish or better is optional.

The standard tube ends that come fitted are sanitary Tri-clamp ends but tube weld ends are available as are DIN/ISO and threaded ends. Gaskets come as standard being manufactured with PTFE/Viton however a range of gaskets are available such as PTFE/EPDM, Tuf-Steel, Silverback and TFE.


All the seals and gaskets are FDA and USP Class VI approved. It has also been ATEX certified and has a Canadian Registration Number.

Pressure and temperature ranges

The maximum pressure is 145psig and can have a maximum temperature rating of 177°C. The recommended differential pressure is between 10 and 100 psi (0.7 to 6.9).

Features and benefits

Features and benefits - Mark 93JR Series Sanitary Steam Traps

Data sheets and manuals

Other features

  • Trap available in ¼", ½", ¾" or 1"
  • To be installed vertically which will allow for self-draining.
  • Operates at a low sub cooling operation at less than 2°C.
  • Maximum pressure rating of 145psig (10barg) at a temperature of 177°C.
  • Maximum recommended pressure differential is 10-100 psi or 0.7 to 6.9bar.
  • The body is manufactured with 316L stainless steel with an internal finish of SF1 20Ra uin with an option for SF5 20Ra uin electropolish finish.
  • Sanitary clamp ends come as standard but tube welded, threaded and ISO/DIN ends are available.
  • PTFE/Viton gaskets as standard. A range of other gaskets are available: PTFE/EPDM, Tuf-Steel, Silverback and TFE.
  • ATEX certified and all gaskets are FDA and USP class VI approved.


The Steriflow Mark 93JR Series Sanitary Steam Traps is widely used in the following industries:

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