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Steriflow Mark 95FT Series Sanitary Back Pressure Regulator

  • Lifetime warranty of Jorlon diaphragm
  • Low offset (creep)
  • Modulates open during over pressure events allowing volume excess to be drained to sterile containment

Steriflow Mark 95FT series is a sanitary “flow through” back pressure regulator, the flow through design allows greater application potential. The Mark 95FT BPR may eliminate sections of by-pass line components as it provides an installation in the primary line, allowing process fluid to bypass out of the bottom of the valve should an over pressurisation event occur.

Operating process

MK95FT has a bi-directional inlet and is commonly used in liquid services such as water for injection (WFI) loops, Clean In Place (CIP) lines and filling lines. The normally closed (NC) valve allows flow to pass straight through to downstream processes. If the pressure builds and reaches the setpoint, the mark 95FT will open to relieve and maintain constant pressure thus eliminating the need for T pieces and elbows. This allows for a reduction in welding points, simplified by-passing for easier and quicker installation.

As the back pressure regulator has an unobstructed flow path through the valve there is very little to no pressure loss through the valve making it ideal for primary process piping installations.

Data sheets and manuals


The Steriflow Mark 95FT Series Sanitary Back Pressure Regulator is widely used in the following industries:

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