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Steriflow Mark 978JD Series Sanitary Control Valve

  • Jorlon diaphragm with lifetime warranty
  • Mechanically polished internal components – 20Ra (0,5µm) finish, electropolish – standard, 8Ra (0,2 µm) optional
  • Gravity draining/no holdup and a variety of installation orientations possible

Mark 978 series of sanitary control valves from Steriflow is a medium to high flow angled or inline control valve designed to meet the strict specifications for clean utility control valves and sterile processes including gas, air, USP PW (purified water) and CIP fluids.

Body and finishing

The JD version of the Mark 978 series of Sanitary control valve features Richards Industrials own Jorlon PTFE diaphragm which again meets strict FDA and USP Class VI compliance standards. Jorlon diaphragms also has full CIP/SIP capabilities whilst offering the highest continuous steams pressure rating on the market today whilst offering a lifetime warranty.

Jorlon is ideal for sterile processes and clean utility control valves and can be used up to process temperatures of 171°C

Mark 978 series provides precision control of media, process and purified water ideal for bioreactor and fermenter processes input, separation input and out control, purification input and output control and formulation and fill control.

MK978 is a self-draining (dependant on body / mounting considerations) and has no guilding in the wetted area, preventing particulate generation

Mark 978 sanitary control valve is machined for ASTM A479 316L stainless steel bar stock with a standard 20 Ra mechanical finish on internal wetted surfaces (0,5 μm); machine finish on exterior (63 RMS), and electropolished inside and out. Optionally it is also available with a 20 Ra mechanical finish on external surfaces (0,5 μm); 8 Ra finish on internal or external surfaces (0,2 μm).

Available sizes

Angled bodied valves are available from DN15 through to DN80 (1/2” to 3”) with inline bodied valves available from DN15 through to DN50 (1/2” to 2”)


The Steriflow Mark 978JD Series Sanitary Control Valve is widely used in the following industries:

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