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Steriflow SC60 Sample Cooler

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  • Shell and spiral design sample cooler for use in pure steam or WFI applications.
  • Coil can operate in up to 10barg at a temperature of 175°C.
  • Single continuous sample tube provides a consistent condensing process.

The SC60 is a permanent sample cooler designed to condense WFI and pure steam. It uses a singular sample pipe to allow for efficient cooling and a longer lasting lifetime as it will reduce the chance of cracking in the sample tube.


Cooling is achieved by passing the sample through the coiled pipe surrounded by the cooling medium which is in the shell. The typical cooling medium is mains water. The cooler is self-draining which prevents buildup of sample in the cooler.

Body materials

The stainless-steel body has been coated in a satin polish whilst the interior of the sample pipe can be given a maximum finish of SF5 20Ra uin electropolish. The sample tubing is manufactured using 316L stainless-steel but as an option it can be produced in Inconel Alloy 600.

Pressure and temperature ranges

The coil can operate at 10barg at a temperature of 185°C whilst the shell of the cooler can operate at a pressure of 10barg at 100°C. When trying to condensate steam the capacity of the tube is 10L/H at 30°C and 3barg. The capacity of the cooler when cooling water is 30L/H between 30 and 85°C.


Cooling media is connected into the shell via 1/2" tri-clamps and ½" BSPT, NPT while the sample pipe is connected using ½" Tri-clamp connector pipes. A hygienic sample valve can be fitted which gives precise control of the flow of the sample being tested.

Other features

  • Coiled tube operates at 10barg at 185°C.
  • Shell can withstand pressures 10barg at 100°C.
  • Steam capacity of 10L/H of condensate at 30°C and 3barg
  • Water capacity is 30L/H from 85 to 30°C.
  • The cooler shell has been given a satin polish and the body and is made from 316L stainless steel.
  • The sample tubing is manufactured with 316L stainless steel or they can be Inconel Alloy 600. The internal wetted parts are given an electropolish SF5 20Ra uin finish.
  • Cooling media input and output tubes are ½" Tri-clamp or BSPT, NPT connectors. Sample connectors are ½" Tri-clamp.
  • It comes with a wall mount kit and a hygienic sample valve to increase control over sample flow rate.


The Steriflow SC60 Sample Cooler is widely used in the following industries:

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