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Steriflow SSC Series Sub-cooled Condensers

  • Increases process availability by:
    • decreasing SIP heat-up time
    • lowering the probability of SIP validation temperature alarms
  • Increases drainage by cooling condensate before entering trap enabling the bellows to contract opening orifice
  • Reduces the lineal space required for a validated SIP steam trap downcomber assembly by 80%

SSC Series is a sanitary sub-cooled condenser designed to replace the 12 – 18” downcomer (drip leg) which are traditionally installed between the SIP temperature sensors and sanitary steam traps.

Body materials and finish

The sanitary condensate chamber and steam trap assembly follow ASME BPE guidelines and is constructed of ASTM A479 316L barstock, is fully drainable and polished to SF1, 20 Ra μin (0,5 Ra μm), or optionally to SF5, 20 Ra μin electropolished finish.

Process description

During operation as spent condensate and wet stream exit sterilized process tubing or equipment, the SSC rapidly removes enthalpy, subcooling the condensate below it's saturation temperature. As the cooler condensate enters the sanitary steam trap, it causes the trap bellows to contract. The contracted bellows opens the trap orifice further allowing much greater amounts of condensate to exit the system. The finned-chamber geometry of the SSC offers the best available technology for insuring rapid SIP heat-up and uninterrupted hold cycles, while offering a more economical alternative (re: space utilization and capital costs) to conventional downcomer designs.

The SSC Series offers project CAPex savings on new and retrofit installations as well as reducing the installed space envelope require for SIP downcomer assemblies. Please see the specs sheet for more details.

SSC Series - Features and benefits

SSC Series - Features and benefits


The Steriflow SSC Series Sub-cooled Condensers is widely used in the following industries:

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