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Steriflow SSRV Series Sanitary Safety Relief Valve

  • Set point ranges from 15-500psi (1.03 - 34.47 bar)
  • Ideal for use in clean utility systems
  • Options to allow for cleaning in place

Designed to prevent pressure that could exceed the limits of pressure vessels and other equipment inside the process, the SSRV Sanitary Safety Relief valve from Steriflow is ideal for use within hygienic and aseptic systems.

Common applications

It is commonly used in industries such as clean steam systems, inside fermenter vessels within the bioreactor sector and other pharmaceutical process vessels. A range of valve capacities are available to fit within differently sized processes.

Pressure and temperature ranges

Pressure set points can be set to between 15 and 500psi (1.03 to 34.47 bar). A maximum pressure set point can be set at 500 psi with the lowest available being at only 13 psi. The body pressure temperature rating is very high being able to withstand 550 psi at 232°C.

Body and materials

The standard surface finish is ASME BPE SF1, 20 Ra µin with SF5 and SF4 15 Ra µin and electropolish being optional.

The seats, O-rings and bellows seal are all FDA USP Class VI rated. The valve can be fitted with a manual or pneumatic lift device that allows for the system to be cleaned in place.

Available materials used during construction change depending on the required capacity of the valve. EPDM and Viton are commonly used with the high pressure SSRV-81 variant having the option of Kalrez.

Devices can be sized between ½” to 1” and have either MNPT, FNPT or ASME BPE Tri-clamp end connections. The body comes as standard being constructed from ASME 316L, AL6XN, Hastelloy C-22 and USP Class IV and FDA compliant seat and O-ring materials are EPDM and Kalrez FFKM. A surface finish of ASME BPE SF1, 20 Ra μin (0,5 Ra μm) is standard while it can be upgraded to an ASME BPE SF5 and SF4 15 Ra μin (0,4 Ra μm) finish with electropolished also being optional.

SSRV-81 Design Features

SSRV-81 Series - Design features
  1. Gas tight cap standard
  2. All 316L barstock construction; other materials upon request
  3. ASME BPE SF1, SF4, or SF5 surface finish
  4. Cleanable design, L/D < 1.5
  5. Seat o-ring material FDA and USP Class VI compliant; molded plug for the 81V Series (not shown)

You can view the complete specs from our 'Data sheets and manuals' section.


The Steriflow SSRV Series Sanitary Safety Relief Valve is widely used in the following industries:

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