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When specifying equipment we at PCT recognise the need to understand the application as well as the installation requirements. Product performance and features need to be considered to meet required specifications. Invariably there is more than one technology that will fit a given application. When this is the case, consideration needs to be made for the wider issues to ensure an on time project delivery. We evaluate installation requirements, time frames and budgetary control as part of the package.

We will work with clients on the ground to deliver expectation. Initially we consult with the client to determine the goals and the performance criteria that the project needs to deliver. Some clients have an informed idea and specification which we can quote against. Other clients may be at the conceptual stage and may seek additional input for their project.

If required a site visit will be undertaken. From here we can identify any specific requirements that need to be considered, covering sizing, communication, suitable installation points, temperature, environment and so on.

Once we have an understanding of the specifics we then match installation conditions with performance criteria to ensure that correct product selection optimises performance and cost of ownership.

When considering product selection we place great importance on our supplier selection. Things to consider are certification requirements, lead times, technical support and reliability. Our objective is to provide quality and value for the client.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss all aspects of project delivery with our experienced team so that we can determine a favoured outcome.



As you would expect, our team are fully trained on our products and regularly attend product training with our suppliers. We have detailed first-hand knowledge of the complexities of equipment configuration. As standard practice we can give detailed remote support from our technical desk.

The pre-installation process is important: we like to have as much information about the installation at the time of order. If we have taken the survey ourselves then we will have this data, if not we will seek it from the specifier. If we have been supplied sufficient setup data we will always try and preconfigure equipment before we send to site to ensure the installation process is as easy as possible.

Sometimes this is not sufficient as a client's subcontractors may not be familiar with new equipment or different technologies. When this is case we would be happy to assist with the instrument configuration on site. Typically this may involve positioning of the instrument, pipe preparation, setup of the sensor, configuration and test of process outputs prior to equipment handover.

Where possible we like to have our clients or the end user on hand so that we can provide onsite training during the configuration and handover process.

Contact us today to discuss any of these requirements.