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Evaporation systems

Evaporator Systems 1
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Evaporator Systems Key features

  • Ultra-fast response to millisecond levels for "sharp" step changes
  • Extremely stable vapour flow
  • Eliminate the need for bulky, slow response bubbler systems
  • High turn-down on flow rate of up to one million to one
  • High accuracy, repeatability and reproduceability
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Evaporator Systems 4

PCT Liquid Evaporator Systems are engineered solutions for the delivery of highly precise doses of vapour via a carrier gas or via Direct Liquid Injection (no carrier gas). Special engineering can compensate for pressurized systems, vacuum systems, highly varied flow rate demands and exotic materials where required. Each vapour generation system tends to be somewhat unique however common components can include a liquid flow controller, a gas flow controller(s) should carrier gas(- es) be desired, a heater element, pressure measurement and control, back-pressure control and an electronics interface.

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