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Gas Handling systems

Gas Handling Key features

  • Save money on specialized gas mixes
  • Eliminate costs for storage of part-used bottles
  • Every system is bespoke to customer requirements
  • CAD drawings available if required
  • Manifold designs available as an alternative to gas panels

Gas Panels

We can design and manufacture gas panels for virtually every application; from simple bottle supply panels through to complex multigas, ultra-high flow turndown, precision pressure systems. Typical gas panels could include:

Gas Cabinets

In addition to, and incorporating the above, gas cabinets and storage facilities can be supplied to meet customer requirements.

Gas Handling 2
Gas Handling 3

Change-Over Boards

For the continuous supply for industrial, laboratory and high purity gases where interruption to supply is simply not acceptable.

  • Permit continuous supply of process gas with automatic changeover upon low cylinder pressure.
  • Suitable for use with corrosive and non corrosive high purity and laboratory grade gases.
  • Bespoke designs from compact and light weight simple designs through to more complex solutions. - materials of construction to suit application; 316 SS, PTFE lined, exotic alloys, brass.
  • Supply and control pressures to suit application
  • Ancillary equipment such as vent valves, non-return valves, excess flow valves, alarms, gauges, etc
Gas Handling 4